Monday, March 14, 2016

I want to blog from long time but was not able to recover my email and login ..I would say that is the first and most important reason for my absence all these days. Let me now take time to explain why I finally made effort to figure out a way to make a post.. I want a change A change in life style... my definition for Life style change is different from others. I am a wife, mom to a 33 month old son , work full time for a IT firm and everything for my family. Am I doing justice to everything I do ???.. My simple and straight forward answer is a big 'NO' If I can do everything I want for a perfect world Want to be a fully organized mom who feeds her son everything prepared from scratch at home, feed all the family with healthy recipes , be organized , think positive ..of all this the reason why I think about life style change is for "WEIGHT LOSS" I know now I fall under the regular category of 60% of people in the world who want to loose weight and look like a model :) But my life style change purpose is not only weight loss but to be perfect in everything I do in my life. I would love to discuss more but need to attend a party today for now I would like to take break and talk to you again


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